Welcome to Wining Poms

Who, What and Where?

We’re a couple, originally from Essex in England, who have been living in Adelaide, South Australia since 2004. South Australia is a great place to live for good food, and good wine – we have the Barossa and the Adelaide Hills wine regions on our doorstep, and Clare Valley, McLaren Vale and Coonawarra just a short drive away. We love visiting local wineries and restaurants, but also miss having Europe close enough for just a quick trip, so for the past couple of years we’ve combined trips home to visit family with a couple of weeks holiday in Europe, hiring a motorhome to be able to explore fully.

We’ve also visited some places that are nearer to us here in Australia, such as NW Bali.

Our destination for 2020 is Bulgaria and my post on that is about the planning stage in case it helps anyone else thinking of doing something similar.

Enjoy, and I hope in time this blog is as helpful as other people’s have been to me.

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